Brick masonry is a specific pattern that when laid together creates a stable and sturdy structure.

This masonry can be found outdoors or indoors and some examples would include: buildings, walls, fireplaces, etc.

Clint Koene Masonry is willing and able to complete any of these examples and more! Be sure to contact them with any brick projects! View our Brick Gallery


Block masonry is an essential aspect to any building's foundation.

With a solid block foundation you are ensuring that the building is safe, secure, and well insulated from the core.

The knowledge and experience that Clint Koene Masonry has, puts your mind to ease. View our Block Gallery


Stone masonry is truly where a mason can shine and show their talents.

Clint Koene Masonry embodies this craft and with the numerous years of experience and projects all contribute to their exceptional talent.

These applications of stone masonry can be seen at both a large and small scale, along with indoors or outdoors. View our Stone Gallery


Concrete masonry is an application of masonry that is common but requires patience and knowledge.

With a uneven or improper foundation only ensures that your concrete will not withstand the various weather changes that Wisconsin sees.

The warming and cooling of the ground creates shifts that essentially will create cracks or unleveled concrete after time.

But with Clint Koene Masonry, they take time and use the proper tools and materials to overcome nature's obstacles and help your concrete stay in nearly perfect condition. View our Concrete Gallery